You've found yourself at the Online Site of John Paul A. Onte, A Web Enthusiast, Geek, Gamer and a not so Great Web Developer from Quezon City, Philippines, I started my journey in Web Development 7 years ago, and so far iam enjoying it every minute of it, I also created some useless but good stuff for the internet cause i know everybody loves the Internet.

About Me

I graduated from University of The East in 2009 with a degree in Information Technology and Continue to seek knowlege in University of the Philippines on the Field of PHP Development.

I have a passion for Web and Mobile Development that pushes me to always try and learn something new. It makes me smile to tell people that "I love what I do and Creating Websites is not a job but a Hobby", and in the end I hope that my work shows that.

Apart from working on websites I enjoy playing video games and watching movies. I am also known to consume high amounts of chocolates and ice cream.

Why Hire Me

I have some fresh Ideas on my mind that will help your company to stand on the corporate world and I'm the kind of person who likes challenges and love to be challenged.

More recently I have been taking on large projects involving collaboration with other developers and I am confident in my ability to work closely with other developers in such projects.

Most of all I don't consider Creating Websites a job but more of a Hobby

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